For Artists Who Insist On Using Only The Finest Products

Jamie Hawkes, Durham.
I was given a present of your product at the end of last year and have loved it. The tattoo lube is perfect,
the best I've used. The healing balm is incredible and we're getting great results with it.  Just thought I'd
send a message to say amazing work Sarah.

Spike, Human Canvas.
Hey Sarah. just letting ya know that the aftercare has been flying out and seems to be a total winner with
our customers (as it should)...The tattoo lube is awesome as usual -

Richy Amphlett, Ludlow Ink.
I use el gato negro tattooist lube for all my tattoo work.  It hands down beats all the competition in
moisturising the skin, it really helps keep the area clean so you can see what you're doing and Is absolutely
amazing for keeping the redness down especially during longer sessions.  I give the healing balm to all my
customers and they are having great results that speak for themselves. A half sleeve of geometric dotwork
completely healed in 3 days..! Incredible stuff,  Sarah is awesome, any questions or queries she has been
there to answer them immediately,  a really nice person to do business with. -

Conner Young Darkside Tattoo.
I highly recommend Sarah Taylor's El Gato Negro products.
I use the tattooist lube during the tattoo process,  it makes working so much easier and means I don't have
to use vasaline
Just a small amount lasts over a huge area of work, it really aids in the longevity of the stencil, it reduces
the redness and bleeding and I've found it also reduces most swelling too.!
As a finisher for my clients experience I supply them with “El Gato Negro” Tattoo Healing Balm which aids
in extremely quick healing with some clients tattoos healing in less than a week.  The product lasts for a long
time, you only need a tiny amount as it spreads for miles.
I would never advise using anything but “El Gato Negro”, I strive to use the best materials in my work and
will continue to do so!
Thankyou Sarah for making a top shelf product!

Alex Wright, Sacred Art Manchester.
El Gato Negro is the only tattoo care range I use because it is 100% organic and vegan. Whilst you tattoo it
really helps lubricate the skin making it much easier to work.  It takes away all the redness while working
and being 100% natural, it takes care of the skins well being too. The same goes for the aftercare, Sarah's
in depth knowledge of her ingredients and skin care, and her time within the tattoo industry has helped her
understand what we, as artists and our clients require from such products.  I use Sarah's products on all of
my clients and supply Tattoo Healing Balm for their aftercare.  Im very happy to be part of a great team -

Zakk Fish, Zakk Tattoos.
Since I first started to use the Tattooist lube I have found it to be the most cost effective product of its
kind as you only need to use a very small amount.  It's great for keeping the stencil strong and it really
keeps redness to a minimum so when using colour it allows you to see your saturation levels very clearly...
Sarah is friendly, always available for any help or advice and her customer service is second to none -

Matt Hanton, Dark Arts Tattoos.
I use el gato products above all others simply because it's the easiest, most convenient and efficient
product available.
I won't recommend anything else for aftercare or use anything else during the tattoo process.
Consistent performance and customer support, I couldn't be happier with either!!!...

Tony Booth, Dabs Tattoo Studio.
For years we had been advising people to use Bepanthan as a tattoo healing product, then we found people
were having reactions so we switched to other products on the market but never really found exactly what
we were looking for.  We were then approached by EL Gato Negro to try their products and were instantly
impressed with the consistency of the two products they then offered, a tattooists lube and an aftercare
product using the same base ingredients which offered clients continuity from the process of tattooing to
the aftercare stage.  Although other companies offer similar products, the packaging is either awkward or
the actual product isn't easy to use.  We were happy with El Gato Negro's packaging and their product and
decided to give it a go (it also smells devine by the way..!). The lube is great, it keeps redness down to a
minimum, it protects the skin from staining, meaning less wiping, so reduces the damage caused by wiping and
minimizes the use of kitchen roll which in turn is more comfortable for the client and easier for the artist.
A little goes a long way, so the lube is much more cost effective than other products. We now offer “El Gato
Negro” aftercare free of charge with every tattoo we do. Our artists use the tattooists lube during the
tattooing process and we now also stock the Permacolour moisturizer for clients for use after the healing
process. Did I mention it smells great too, it takes us all our energy not to eat it, although technically you
can as it's all natural.....!  Our clients love that it is 100% organic and vegan and has only four base
ingredients.  We have clients purchasing Permacolour to help treat their childrens skin conditions as it
works and is totally safe to use on young skin. Sarah and Ian have been such a massive support to DABS and
we have had the pleasure of working alongside them since the inception of El Gato Negro and look forward
to working with them in the future.  As a sponsored artist, I have had new clients contact me through posts
El Gato Negro have shared on Instagram and Facebook and we are really proud to be involved with such a
great team and a fantastic product.

Hannya Jayne, Woody's Tattoo Studio.
These are all such a great products! Vegan, Organic & absolutely scrummy.  I use the Tattooists lube for
work & it soothes the skin like nothing else.  The Healing balm I use at home on dry/sore skin & its obviously
fantastic for healing tattoos too. Permacolour does exactly what it says on the tin & also smells divine. I
Couldn't recommend El Gato Negro products higher.  Plus they're such a lovely company to buy from too. -

Scott Robinson Distinktive Tattoo Studio
I've been tattooing for around eighteen months now, during this time I've tried several petroleum jelly
alternatives but was never really satisfied with them. I was given a sample of Sarahs products, by her, one
day at my studio.  I tried it and felt it was an instant success, as soon as I started using the tattooist lube I
noticed that I got almost no redness or swelling in the area of skin being worked, it also really protects
against any cross colour or skin staining, and as you only use a small amount, it's very cost effective too.  I
give El Gato Negro sensitive tattoo healing balm to all my customers and they are having great results from
it. So allround, this stuff is the dogs!!